Waxing cannot be performed on anyone using products from their dermatologist (Retina A, Accutane,etc.), as skin can be more sensitive. Also anyone using any renewal products over the counter please advise your wax therapist.

Our gentle HONEY wax made with Tea Tree Oil, kills bacteria and is removed with a soft muslin strip. This type of wax is recommended for large areas of the body such as: arms, legs, back and chest. This wax will leave the skin only slightly pink.

  • Swimsuit Line Bikini: This is a basic bikini waxing approx. 2 inches on either side of the panty line. $20
  • High Bikini: This is a deeper Swim
  • Line Bikini where approx. 4 or more inches of hair is removed. $30
  • Brazilian Bikini: During this waxing all hair is removed except for a narrow strip that remains. $45
  • Mens Brazilian: $65
  • Australian Bikini: For this waxing all hair is completely removed $50
  • Inner Thigh-added to any bikini wax: $5
  • Eyebrow Wax or Tweeze: $10
  • Underarm: $20
  • Full Leg, Arm, Back or Chest: $50
  • Half Arm or Half Leg: $25
  • Lip, Chin, Neck or Sideburns: $10